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All Bagley lures are available from Bamboo Baits. If you are a fisherman or a fishing lure collector who wants to buy ANYTHING Bagley makes, you can get it from Bamboo Baits.

If you want it and it's not pictured here — ask!

 Fishing  Notes

Bamboo Baits is pleased to feature Bagley fishing lures alongside other things that help folks catch fish. Who buys from Bamboo Baits? Look up — that's a picture received from a customer!

If you are a Bamboo Baits customer, email pictures of you with your catch—bass, striper, muskie, or any species—and your picture may appear here too.

Do you have a favorite Bagley bait in a no-longer-made color? Would you like to have your logo, or your very own color scheme on a Bagley fishing lure? Whether it's a lure that's to be a unique perk for members of your fishing club, or a fish-catching color pattern that just does not exist in the Bagley line, or a special reward that will be given to (or sold to) participants in your tournament, you can get it — customized Bagley fishing lures — with small bulk orders from Bamboo Baits.

Effective Jan 2, 2014 the Bagley fishing lure brand has a new corporate owner. The new Bagley headquarters is located in Golden Valley, MN and will begin full corporate operations Feb 1, 2014.