Bamboo Baits

OmniGlow Lunker Lights 3 Inch Green

$1.50 Each

This price applies to the OmniGlow Lunker Lights that are 3 inches long, green, single pack fishing size when purchased individually as pictured here.

The price is $50 for 40 single packs.

To purchase, call 704-918-1288.

 OmniGlow Lunker Lights 3 Inches Green


You've been searching for these Lunker Lights, but haven't found them lately. That's because the OmniGlow company is no longer in business. The effectiveness and popularity of this particular glow stick is terriffic - ask a fisherman who has used them. Bamboo Baits has 43 new, single, individual packets of the 3 inch green variety as pictured here. These 43 packets are in two separate boxes of old stock that have been in a back building for some time. Hurry; this new, old-stock discovery will not last long.


 OmniGlow Lunker Lights 3 Inches Green