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Bagley Deep Diving Bang O Lure Fishing Baits

$9.15 Each

This price applies to all colors of the Bagley Deep Diving Bang O Lure BLDD4 bait.

The Deep Diving Bang O Lure color selection also includes the same colors shown on the Bamboo Baits' Bagley Deep Diving Shad page.

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 Bagley Deep Diving Bang O Lure

The Bagley Deep Diving Bang O Lure fishing lures are available in the following colors from Bamboo Baits. The BLDD4 type bait colors are: Black Back on Purple - Purple Tiger Stripe (BP), Pistachio (PTH), Purple Back - Chartreuse Sides with Pink Dots (PC), Purple on Silver Foil (PSF), Albino Orange Belly (AOB), Black on Silver Foil (BS), Blue Tiger (BT), Hot Tiger (HT), Rainbow Trout (RT), Sexy Shad (SS), Chartreuse Crayfish on White (TOM), Tennessee Shad - Orange Belly (TSO), Yellow Perch (YP), and Baby Bass (BB).

The BLDD4 Bagley Deep Diving Bang O Lure is the deep diving version of Bagley's classic minnow. The BLDD4 baits are approximately 4.25 inches long and weigh about three eighths of an ounce (~10 grams). Note that this bait is approximately 5.5 inches long if the clear lip is included in the length measurement. These BLDD4 lures can be fished from zero to 14 feet deep depending upon the retrieve rate being used.