Bamboo Baits

Bagley Finger Mullet Fishing Baits

$7.00 Each

This price applies to all colors of the Bagley Finger Mullet FMJ3 Jumping baits and FMS3 Sinking baits.

In order to get the $7 per Bagley Finger Mullet bait price, a minimum of 10 baits (any mixture of any type of Bagley baits) must be ordered.

The price is $7.25 per bait if your total order is fewer than 10 Bagley baits (any mixture of any type of Bagley baits).

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 Bagley Finger Mullet

The Bagley Finger Mullet fishing lures are available in the following colors from Bamboo Baits. The FMJ3 and FMS3 type bait colors are: Blue Top - Chartreuse Belly - White Sides (BCW), Chartreuse Top - Chartreuse Belly - White Sides (CCW), Copper Mullet - Orange Belly (CM), Natural Mullet (NM), Pink Top - Pink Belly - White Sides (PKW), Red Head Mullet (RH), Silver Mullet (SM), Glass Minnow (GM), and Scaled Sardine (SCS).

The FMJ3 and FMS3 Bagley Finger Mullet baits are approximately 3.5 inches long and weigh about half of an ounce (~14 grams). The FMJ3 bait is a top water lure. The FMS3 bait is a sinking lure.