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Bagley Bang O Lure Fishing Baits

$7.35 Each

This price applies to all standard colors of the Bagley Bang O Lure BL4 and BL5 sizes. Spin Tail BLSP4 and BLSP5 versions, and Twin Spin BLTS5 versions are 50¢ more per bait.

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 Bagley Bang O Lure

The Bagley Bang O Lure fishing lures are available in the following colors from Bamboo Baits. The BL3, BL4, BL5, BLSP4, BLSP5, and BLTS5 type bait colors are: DC9 (top picture: limited edition BL5), Bluegill (originally designated BLG - now BGL - available only in the Bagley BL5), Baby Bass (BB), Tennessee Shad - Orange Belly (TSO), Chartreuse Crayfish on White (TOM), Sexy Shad (SS), Black Stripes on Silver Foil (SBS), Black Stripes on Gold Foil (SBG), Hot Tiger (HT), Blue Tiger (BT), Black on Silver Foil (BS), and Black Back - Gold Foil - Orange Belly (BGO). Note the limited production colors at the top and bottom of this page. These baits (top picture and more below) are not listed in Bagley's catalog or website.

The BL3, BL4, and BL5 Bagley Bang O Lures are the classic minnow versions that do not have spinners. The BLSP4 and BLSP5 Bang O Lure versions have a spinner on the tail of the bait - these versions are called Spin Tail versions. The BLTS5 Bang O Lure version has a spinner on the bait's tail and on the bait's nose (a total of 2 spinners) - this version is called the Twin Spin version.

The BL3 Bagley Bang O Lure bait is approximately 3 inches long and weighs about three sixteenths of an ounce (~5 grams). The BL4 and BLSP4 Bagley Bang O Lure baits are approximately 4.25 inches long and weigh about one fourth of an ounce (~7 grams). The BL5, BLSP5, and BLTS5 Bagley Bang O Lure baits are approximately 5.25 inches long and weigh about three eighths of an ounce (~11 grams). These BL3, BL4, BL5, BLSP4, and BLSP5 lures can be fished from zero to 1.5 feet deep depending upon the retrieve rate being used. The BLTS5 lure is a top water bait.


In addition to the special DC9 colored BL5 (see top picture), there are some special limited production colors of the Bagley BLSP5 and BLTS5 baits. Bagley's color codes for these two Bang O Lures (pictured below) are color 049S and color YP respectively.

 Bagley Bang O Lure BLSP5 in 049S Color  Bagley Bang O Lure BLTS5 in YP Color

These particular Bang O Lures are not found in the current Bagley catalog or on the Bagley website. Both baits—the 049S colored BLSP5 and the YP colored BLTS5—are limited production baits and are now available for $10.75 each from Bamboo Baits.