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Heddon Zara Spook Christmas Colors Fishing Lure

Heddon Zara Spook Christmas Colors

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This isn't your typical current-vintage Heddon Zara Spook fishing bait.

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 Heddon Zara Spook in Red Head Flitter Yellow Belly

"Jim called that night and said as soon as it hit the water a big bass grabbed it and broke his line." - Kevin Drake (Jun 2013)

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The odds are that you won't find a new RHF Yellow Belly Heddon Zara Spook like this at your local fishing tackle shop — it's a limited production Heddon bait.

Heddon reproduced a limited number of these Heddon Zara Spooks in Heddon's vintage Christmas colors (note the sparkling Flitter, and the darker back ridge), and with the line-tie in the old-style nose location rather than on the bait's chin.

This limited edition Heddon bait exhibits the old-style action (i.e., nose-tie action) in the classic length that is approximately 4 3/8 (4.375) inches from the end of the line-tie to the other end of the bait. The 12-pack decorator's set (4 three packs) offers a per-bait savings compared to the 3-pack. Heddon lure collectors even by these baits as an investment because the production quantity was tiny, and fishermen buy these baits because they catch fish!

It's a Christmas fishing pack with which you can decorate and later use to catch fish!