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Heddon Punkinseed Fishing Decorations

Heddon Decorations

$45 for 36 Heddon Ornaments
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These no-longer-made, new Heddon Punkinseed fishing decorations are used: on necklaces, on Christmas trees, at table place settings, as key rings, as ear rings, as bow replacements for gift boxes, as party favors, and more.

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 Heddon Punkinseed Fishing Decorations

These original Heddon Punkinseed fishing decorations are a fun way to dress-up a place with a colorful fishing theme. They are safe to use - there are no hooks. Some folks even make fishing baits out of these Heddon ornaments and then sell them for fishing or for collecting!

Your 36-count box of Punkinseeds will contain twelve different color patterns. There is a very limited quantity of this collectible fishing decor. The 36 original Heddon-made baits are just enough to: give as perks to each participant at one small fishing tournament, or to hang as ornaments on one Christmas tree, or to replace (or tie in with) the bow on birthday/Christmas gift packages, or to decorate a fishing-themed party or gathering, or to display in a shadow box, or to show in a host of different ways. Heddon's idea is to offer a little bling for folks who fish.