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Bagley Small Fry Fishing Baits

$7.00 Each

This price applies to all colors of the Bagley Small Fry bluegill, bream, and crappie type SFBB1 and SFC1 fishing baits.

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 Bagley Small Fry

The Bagley Small Fry fishing lures are available in the following colors from Bamboo Baits. The bluegill/bream SFBB1 type bait colors are: Bream on Chartreuse (BRG), Bream on White (BR), Late Spring Bream (BRLS), and Pumpkin Seed (PKS). The crappie SFC1 type bait colors are: Crappie White (WC) and Crappie Black (BC).

The SFBB1 and SFC1 Bagley Small Fry baits are approximately 2 inches long and weigh about one fourth of an ounce (~7 grams). These lures can be fished from zero to 4 feet deep depending upon the retrieve rate being used.